Monday, October 06, 2008

The saga of Dr. Binayak Sen

A comment on my earlier post on the denial of democratic rights to individuals and communities attracteda a comment that virtually accused me of supporting "terrorists". I can understand the feeling of the writer, a retired army officer. Maybe he had to face "terrorists" during his service. But, in my humble opinion, gives no right to the State to terrorise people in the name of fighting terrorism. Here, I just want to point to a site that describes what the head of the police establishment in Chhatishgarh had to face in the University of California at Berkeley where he struggled to justify the police action, clearly showing to what extent human rights have been violated there.

I am sure there are others like the former army officer who commented on my post who have doubts about what I have written. I would like to request them to study the case of Dr. Binayak Sen and Sri T.G. Ajay. They could also go through the report of the meeting at University of California at Berkeley available here. And I would also request them to think about what the situation would be if what happened to Dr. Binayak Sen happened to me or to them. And let them not think that such things won't happen to "us" because we are decent law-abiding citizens. Dr. Binayak Sen and Sri Ajay also were such citizens till they were arrested.