Thursday, August 21, 2008

GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark

The Indian GNU/Linux Users' Group, Thiruvaanthapuram, is organising an Install Fest during September 1-5, 2008. This time it is in the den of computer geeks, the Technopark. The first such install fest organised by ILUG Tvpm at Kanakakkunnu Palace was a grand success even though it rained heavily that day (which, according to some people, is very auspicious). That was a one-day affair. But this time it is going to be for entire five days! And more: this time one expert speaks on a technical topic each day. So there is something even for geeks. And, to top it all, this time the Hon'ble Education Minister Sri M.A. Baby is inaugurating the fest! Wow!

So come on Technopark guys and gals! Take this opportunity to install the Fantastic Free Operating System and Applications on your laptops and desktops. And join the increasing crowd of Free Software users! Nothing like freedom, you know!

For more details please visit the ilug-tvm site.


The Minking Than said...
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The Minking Than said...

Details about the fest can be found at

GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark, Trivandrum

Program Schedule for the GNU/Linux Install Fest and Seminar Series at Technopark

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes for an another Grand Install fest at Trivandrum.

phpizer said...

Three cheers for the organizers. Linked this at